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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BOTB Blast at Uno's

Just returned from our first ever party for BOTB friends and followers. Uno's in Clay hosted and we had a great time. Uno's provided a tasty variety of appetizers as we enjoyed a little socializing and some good beer. Among the appetizers were some of Uno's more delectable selections: chicken wings, bbq chicken wings, various pizza slices, and other mouth-watering delights.

As far as beer goes, Uno's has a fair selection. Other than the usual yellow beers, they have Sam Adams Lager, Harpoon's IPA, Newcastle, Uno's Cherry Wheat (brewed by Sam Adams) all on tap. Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale, Middle Ages' Syracuse Pale Ale, and Sam Adams are all available in bottles as well. For the most part we stuck to Harpoon's IPA, a beer that has been showing up more and more in bars in the area. A very good brew, not over the top with hops but a nice hoppy presence nonetheless.
Overall it made for a fine Sunday afternoon (it would have been perfect had the Bills managed to win). Thanks Uno's, one of our favorite after-movie eateries, for a terrific BOTB gathering.

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